Uniform MPS for systems in the thermodynamic limit

Hello Miles and Matt,

I’m wondering if the algorithm for obtaining uniform MPS, illustrated in “Variational optimization algorithms for uniform matrix product states (2018)”, has been implemented in ITensor.

Thanks a lot.

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Hi Meng,

We have an experimental software package that implements infinite MPS methods including VUMPS here: GitHub - ITensor/ITensorInfiniteMPS.jl: A package for working with infinite matrix product states (MPS) with ITensor.

Note that it is still a work in progress, and is not as polished as the finite MPS methods like DMRG in ITensors.jl.

You can see an example of running VUMPS here: ITensorInfiniteMPS.jl/vumps_heisenberg.jl at main · ITensor/ITensorInfiniteMPS.jl · GitHub

Feel free to try it out, but the interface may be unstable and you may find bugs! We are currently using it in some research projects so it is pretty well tested. If you find issues or want to contribute to the package please reach out to us.



This is awesome, thank you Matt!

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